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Soaring and Building Tips

          Trimming Your Model Sailplane 
                             by Sherman Knight
                             A must read article.  This will take a marginally flying airplane and make it fly superbly!

      The Third Vector
                         by Joe Wurts

        Joe Wurts on Soaring
                              YouTube Video; 1hr 22min

        Excellent Playlist of Soaring Tips, by JW and others....
                              YouTube Video

        Where to Fly
                               by Frank Weston

        Thermal Soaring
                              from FAA Aviation Weather Handbook

        Mixing Full House Sailplanes
                               by Rick Eckel

        CG Position
    by Dr. Mark Drela

                             by Dr. Mark Drela

       Basic sizing checks for homebrew RC thermal gliders (page 13)
                             by Dr. Mark Drela
                             Note:  Sailplane Calc will perfom these calculations with basic model measurements

       The Totally FREE Airfoil Primer
                             by John Dreese

       Performance Airspeeds for the Soaring Challenged
                             by Jim D. Burch

       Pivot Cut Video
   A 12 minute instructional video on how to cut highly tapered foam wing cores

       by Curtis Suter

        Painting Mylars
   A 10 minute instructional video on painting mylars.
                            by Curtis Suter

         Balanced Fabric
                       by Phil Barnes

         Composite Materials
                      from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company

         The Glider
                       by Stelio Frati (198 page book) 

         Red Merle Control Throws
                       by Curtis Suter

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