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I have both videos by Curtis. As well as Phil Barnes and the one by George Spar of ACP.
I got the one by Curtis just for the part of using PU glue. However his video taught me a few more things than I expected! I think its good to see other peoples views.

I also like the video on Pod and booms. Now I have a bunch of booms laying around waiting for a home!

Just go ahead and buy both of his videos; you won't be sorry!

Blue Skies.................Tim in Fresno

Very nice job on the Video! I like the fact you added graphics to it explaining different concepts. Overall it rates right up there with Phil Barnes DVD, much easier to watch as well. Your foam cutter looks like it works as well as the Feather cut. I'm going to have to get busy building. 
Super fast shipping by the way. Ordered it over the weekend, received it Wednesday morning.
Jeff in Akron, Ohio 

Just finished watching the DVD.  My first impressions are that it is well done, contains information I had never seen presented on video, and is not boring.  I will watch it several more times.  A few more thoughts:

This video is made for people who don't have a production shop.  If the Phil Barnes video was a bit overwhelming then this video is perfect.  I wish I had this video when I was starting because it makes building seem fun, and not tedious like production methods do.  That said I don't know that I would have appreciated this video without watching Phil's video on Vacuum Bagging Made Easy.
Jay in Maryland

"Excellent dvd! Very informative. I have other videos on cutting and bagging wings, but some of the tips and methods you use made it worth the money after just watching the first dvd! Thanks for everything. 

Fred in New York."

Hi Curtis,
your DVD is now in my dvdplayer, it runs very well.
Your movie is very instructive, and goes into details.
You speak slowly with good utterance, it's important for a foreigner people like me!
Thank's for your good job, movies and RCSD articles.
Best regards,

Thomas in France.

"Thank you for the video--I received it today (very fast delivery!!) and have found it very informative. You solved some problems that have plagued me using a hand-held bow--like getting good leading edges. You've made the process so simple and inexpensive there is absolutely no reason for anyone not to to try foam cutting and wing bagging."
Albuquerque, NM

****Good work, I think folks will learn a lot from your techniques.  I remember the first time I saw a bagged wing demo in person.  Before that demo I had visions of leaking hoses, epoxy everywhere and lots of wasted glass and carbon.  Seeing a demo is what it took to make me think, "Hey, I can do that!".  Your video will give that same feeling to many.
Joe Chovan

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