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Customer Projects

Jarrett Dorough in Connecticut

I bagged my very first piece ever today and it went pretty good.
Man I totally see why people bag parts, what a rush. It was like Christmas morning when I opened up the bag and peeled off the mylars. I was totally shocked when I saw a piece that looked 100% better than I thought it would, it is beautiful.

I thoroughly enjoyed your videos. Seriously, if it wasn't for the way you explained the process, I might not have tried it. I have been put off by the cost and seeming complexity of the pumps and all the stuff needed. After seeing the process you did with the hand pump, I ordered one and it worked like a charm!

Here are photos from Jarrett’s first bagging process.
Excellent work on a very nice 8.4 gram DLG Horizontal tail using Gorilla Glue to vacuum bag 1.4oz fiberglass over balsa.

skooter.jpg (65910 bytes)

Mike Hamilton in Oregon

Your DVD's are great!  I was going to wait to learn how to cut & bag but your video changed my mind. 

Mike had a great suggestion for the pulley setup on the Automated Foam Wing Cutter.

He wrote:
I just added large paper clip eyes to the wheel pulleys and cut out my first wing without any problem with the strings coming off the pulleys. 

Here are some very nice photos of Mikes replacement wing for his QFII DLG


Tim from Fresno, CA

Honestly your Video helped me so much. You are an excellent instructor!  
I Don't think this boom would have come out so nice without your video. Another thing I believe that your video saved me a LOT of money that I would have wasted trying to make one without your Video

Blue Skies...........

Here are a few photos of his Tail Boom making jig and the tail booms he made for his QSC 32" polyhedral DLG.  Very Nicely Done Tim!


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