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Updated 2023

"A Beginner's Guide 
Pod and Boom

An Instructional video that makes it easy to Make your own 
and Create complete Pod and Boom sailplane Fuselages.

If you want to create your own Tailbooms and Make Strong
Fuselages from Advanced Composite Materials,
this Instructional video
will give you the Techniques and Confidence to do so.

This is from Disc 2 Pods
Chapter 3
"Reinforcing a Balsa Pod" 

DVD Outside Case                         DVD's Inside



Booms Pods
1 Hour 19 Minutes 

1. Discus Launched Glider
2. Unlimited Class Glider
3. Carbon Sleeved Boom
4. Comparisons

1 Hour 20 Minutes

1. Male Mold
2. Lost Foam
3. Reinforcing a Balsa Pod
4. Final Comments
5. Sources
6. Credits
Bonus: Quick DLG Tails!

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