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Updated 2023

 GPS Triangle Tips

                                                                        My Contributions

     RC-Electronics Equipment Explained (pdf) 

     RC-Electronics Equipment Explained (YouTube)

     Albatross Setup (pdf)

    GPS Triangle Racing Classes Explained

                                    Philip Kolb Seminars
GPS Triangle Racing Cookbook - Austraila 2023
Flat Out RC Podcast Interview with Philip Kolb - Austrailia 2023

                                                    GPS Flying Seminar - 
               World Masters Neresheim, Germany 2023 sponsored by ChocoFly GmbH

Watch these excellent seminars courtesy of ChocoFly and follow along with the superb powerpoint presentation slides.  The presentation is mostly in German.  Use Closed Caption for English.

Model Glider Performance
  Powerpoint Slides
  ChocoFly Youtube Link

The Basics of MacCready Flying
   Powerpoint Slides
   ChocoFly Youtube Link
GPS triangle flight analysis - GPS Sportclass Worldchampionship 2022 (Youtube)
               A wonderful synopsis of the strategies required and what the software does!





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