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Updated 2024

 DVD Disk Details


The DVD is in a 4:3 Format but there will be black letter boxes on the top and bottom of the video as if it were a 16:9 Ratio viewed on a 4:3 Television.  There are slight aspect ratio changes throughout.

The DVD is a DVD-R single layer disc.  
The DVD Cover sleeve is professionally printed.
All artwork is made by myself.

 DVD Download Details

 This version is for Viewing on a Computer
720p and 16:9 Ratio.

The program menus open on your computer using your web browser.

These movie files are rendered in .mp4 format. 
Computer Movie Software capable of playing .mp4 files is required.
Windows Movie Player may require a basic K-Lite Codec.
VideoLan is a free player that works well too.

A Download Manager that will resume where it left off after an internet disconnect
is recommended for slower download speeds.

If you're unsure of the video/audio quality or whether it works with your computer
 try "Pivot Cut" which is a 618Megabyte clip to test. 
This is a zipped file.

Works great on the iPad!

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